About Us

We Are Local Music and International Development

We are a not-for-profit music agency putting on live shows, supporting bands we believe in, connecting movers and shakers and working with organizations around the world to support both disaster relief efforts and sustainable projects in developing countries. We are young, creative, and endlessly passionate about what we do.

We Focus on the Music Side of Things

Music is and always will be what drives us. We’re not a charity that occasionally strays into music, we’re a music agency that curates shows and creates projects with the best and brightest bands and artists, then partners with NGOs to turn that movement into something good.

“The most effective way to create tangible change for those who
need it most is to contribute through something you love.”

If you are a fresh and talented band or artist – send us your info and music (links only please) at info@thesoundofchange.org
If you are a mover and a shaker and see an opportunity for us to work together – please get in touch at info@thesoundofchange.org

We’d love to hear from you.